Nina Ferreyra is a business coach for women entrepreneurs, a branding and marketing guru, a social media strategist, a writer, and a digital course creator. Nina’s mission is to inspire women to “live the life of their dreams.” 

Nina has always believed in not following the “rules” and enrolled into college at the age of 15. At the age of 17, Nina graduated at the top of her class with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design.

After working shortly at an advertising agency, Nina founded her own branding and marketing business and has worked with a variety of clients on their social media marketing and online presence.

Clients have seen a 30% increase in sales after working with Nina. 

In 2015, Nina felt called to create an online business that would reach a massive audience and launched an online magazine.

In under 90 days the magazine grew from 0 to 5,000 FB fans and email subscribers without Facebook advertising through organic marketing and online giveaways. Nina then doubled her fanbase again to 10,000 followers and email subscribers in another 90 days. 

With her magazine, Nina landed affiliate partnerships including an affiliate invitation from Target, worked with high-level digital marketers on their social media marketing and has been featured on multiple podcasts.

While she loved the magazine, Nina felt that she could reach more women by creating her own personal brand.

She followed her heart and formed her own personal brand fusing her unique personality and her love for inspiring and empowering women to live the life of their dreams.

Her business has allowed her to move to Spain where she now lives with her husband and son and impacts thousands of women through her growing online presence, coaching, and online courses.

She continues to be an example of a woman living the life of her dreams by continuing to follow her heart.

4-Month Coaching Intensive with Nina

Together we will work on:
*Getting clear on exactly what you want so that there’s
no friction & only effortless flow in your business or new business idea
*Your business launch plan or new product launch plan
*Attracting clients online with a strategy
*Your Social Media & Online Marketing Plan
*Pricing Your Products
*Steps to Creating Your Dream Life


Business Coaching & Strategy Sessions

-1, 1:1 40-minute kick-off session
-10, 1:1 45-minute deep dive strategy & business coaching sessions
-1, 1:1 40-minute follow-up session (anytime after 4 months of our work together, but before 1 year)

Complete access to me via Facebook messenger for four months to answer any questions

Complete access to anything I release during six months of our coaching including courses, bundles, and VIP days.

We will map out launch plans, revenue streams, and simplify your business.

We will have one session prior to kicking off our deep-dive coaching sessions to review everything and make a plan.

The above is for a four-month intensive.


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