I’ve kind of been all over the place…
On the sets of Hollywood movies as an extra…
Working at Jo-Ann Fabrics…
Graphic designer at an advertising agency…
Creative director at my own branding & marketing firm…
Founder of an luxury lifestyle magazine…

I’ve dabbled in practically everything — and am totally multi-passionate
painting, ballet, yoga, horseback riding, fashion sketching and designing, sewing, spirituality, mindset, writing, manifesting, business… and the list goes on.


But, there’s one thing that I’ve come to 
realize that matters in this world:
living out your fucking dreams. 


Like, why are you not really going for it?
Are you still stuck in what you think is your dream?
Or just what is okay for now?


It’s time to call bullshit on what
your thoughts are telling you.

You can have whatever you want. You can do whatever you want.
And I’m going to show you how.

Do not settle. You were born for more.

xo Nina

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