Step Into Your Power Online – Course

Step Into Your Power Online

Digital Course & Interactive Group Coaching Program
with Nina Ferreyra

Are you like so freakin’ ready to go big and make 2018 the year
where you changed it all and sky-rocketed your biz?

Are you tired of lack of clarity of what to sell or is
something driving you crazy in your business that you cannot solve?

Do you need a kick in the butt with someone
who is going to hold you accountable to what you say you’re going to do?

Are you ready to take action, step into your power
online and release your first product?

Then look no further…

Say what you want to say…
get seen & heard
and get paid online being you.

It’s time.

And this is something that has been on my heart for a while now.
I recently overcame the fear of showing up in a big way online.
And by doing that, I’ve gotten massive clarity.
Called in new clients & customers.
And am sharing my gifts to the world.

My business has allowed me to accomplish my dream of moving from Michigan to Spain.
When I first set out to do this, it seemed like an impossible task.

But, I did it.

Speaking my truth.
Showing up online has allowed me to go big & create a business I am in love with.

But, how do you take that passion?

That desire?

That thing that you want to share with the world so they can hear you, see you, and want to buy from you?

How can you package it so that you too can make a huge impact?

So that others can invest in themselves too and we can collectively lift everyone up that we speak to?

This is it, babe.

Step Into Your Power Online

Step Into Your Power Online is an interactive online program that combines stepping up to the plate, squashing fears, and learning how to take that thing that you want to share with the world and sell online.

In this course, you learn exactly how build a tribe online and launch your first online program.

And step into your power.


The first video and homework exercises are waiting for you inside!

This is the transformational program you need to help you step into your power and launch into the online space.

This program will help you get clear on what you’re selling, how to create your package/program/offering, and how to launch it online with the exact launch sequence you need.

You will also get the kick in the butt you need so you can finally stop talking about what you’re going to do online, but actually do it!

Module 1


In this module you’ll get super clear on what you want to sell online
and how you can package it in a way that people “get” what you’re selling.
If you are confused on how you can make money with the thing you want to sell,
we will also go over your business model.
We will also use this week to dive into the WHY people need what you’re selling
and how to be an energetic match for attracting the customers you want.

HW + Affirmations
Bonus: Live Group Coaching Call

Module 2


You can’t launch something online without having a strong foundation or tribe to launch to.
During this week you will learn everything you need
to build your tribe
first so you can have a fun & engaged fan base to launch to!

HW + Affirmations
Bonus: Live Group Coaching Call

Module 3


Get un-stuck with what you’re trying to promote and STEP INTO your power.
We will craft your positioning in the market
and back it up with massive service so you can attract your dream customers/clients.
You will learn how to sell in a way
that feels comfortable to you.

HW + Affirmations
Bonus: Live Group Coaching Call

Module 4


Put together the package, program, course, or online offering!
Learn everything you need to know on
what to put your on sales page and what hierarchy you need to get the most sales.

HW + Affirmations
Bonus: Live Group Coaching Call

 Module 5


Learn everything you need to know on launching your product online.
Get the exact launch sequence
that will get your audience to buy.
We will go over mindset techniques
and other protocol to follow so that you stay focused on bringing in the most sales.

HW + Affirmations
Bonus: Live Group Coaching Call

Every week for five weeks, you will receive one new module
a series of videos, homework, and journalling exercises to help you step into your power online, show up boldly,
get seen, and launch your product online.

In addition to the modules, every week,
there will be a bonus live Q+A in the Step Into Your Power private Facebook group where you can get your
questions answered and work through the things that are holding you back in releasing your program.

At the end of the program, you will have stepped into your truth,
your power and have created your own program
or product to launch online!


Nina Ferreyra is a business coach for women entrepreneurs, a branding and marketing guru, a social media strategist, a writer, and a digital course creator.

Nina’s mission is to inspire women to “live the life of their dreams.”

In one year, after launching her business online, Nina moved from Michigan to Spain, landed affiliate partnerships with Target and Marie Forleo, and works wherever she wants while coaching clients online and releasing digital products.

Nina has grown her email list to over 11,000 email subscribers and her Instagram following to over 12k followers.

When she isn’t working, you can find her sipping on coffee at her favorite café bar in Spain!

Who is Step Into Your Power Online for?

Step into Your Power Online are for people who want to move from a 1:1 or service-based business to creating passive revenue streams or attracting clients online. This course is right for you if you kind of have an idea for a an online course, digital product, or package, but you don’t know how to put it all together and promote it. This course will lay the foundation for your brand, how to grow your tribe, and how to package your first online product.

What if I’m afraid of going on camera?

You’re in the right spot! This course is perfect for those who are afraid of going on camera, going on Facebook or Instagram Live or who have only gone live a few times and are still terrified! In every module, we will work through your fears and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone! You will move through the fear and do it anyways.

Will this course teach me how to grow my Instagram following?

You will learn the social media strategies that will help you grow your following on any type of social media account so that you can launch your course, product, or package.

How does the course work?

The course is held 100% online in the member’s dashboard of my website and in the bonus Facebook group. Upon enrolling into the course, you will be given access to the first video and pre-work before we dive into the live class. You will also receive a schedule of all of the release dates for each module and when the live bonus Q+A sessions will take place.

When does it start?

The course starts on Tuesday, March 6th. At this time you will be given complete access to module 1 with the videos and homework assignments. Then we will hold our first live Q + A.

What if I can’t attend the live Q +A calls?

No worries! If you can’t attend the live Q + A calls, you can watch the replay on your own time and also ask me questions in the private Facebook group. The live Q +A calls will be available for access immediately after they are held.

What if I don’t have time to complete the course in five weeks?

You have lifetime access to the course and unlimited replays. So if you can’t finish it, you can watch it and implement the concepts on your own time!

Do I have to purchase any fancy software?

I don’t believe in making things complicated or purchasing fancy software when you’re launching your online business. I will teach you tips and tricks to launching anything online without investing in expensive software.

Can you guarantee success?

Step Into Your Power online can only guarantee as much success as you’re willing to commit to. If you don’t do the actual work, then you won’t have any results. That’s my only disclaimer. Be ready to put in the work!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans. Please see my affordable payment plan at the bottom of this page.

Do you offer refunds?

Here’s the deal, you get access to Module 1 on March, 6h. If after the first module, you do not feel this program is right for you, send an email by March 12th at 11:59pm EST with your homework assignments attached to Nina Ferreyra at and we will process your refund.

Have more questions?


Now open for enrollment!

Enrollment closes on Tuesday, March 1st 11:59pm EST.

*By enrolling in this course, you agree to the Standard Terms & Conditions.

As a Step Into Your Power Online graduate, you have lifetime access to the course and all future updates.